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GIS for landscape architects

Autor: Karen C. Hanna
Rok: 1999
ISBN: 9781879102644
OKCZID: 110190456



Landscape architecture - the design, planning, and management of natural and built enviroments - is a discipline grounded in spatial thinking. For progressive landscape architects, geographic information systems (GIS) technology is an increasingly important software tool for organizing digital spatial data in an accessible and logical manner. This allows landscape architects to consider more design options and to do so more quickly and efficiently than ever before. This book shows that this technology is no longer the exclusive realm of geographers and scientists. Through actual examples, you'll learn how landscape architects, land planners, and designers now rely on GIS to create visual frameworks within which spatial data and information are gathered, interpreted, manipulated, and shared. How are landscape architects using GIS? This is the subject of this book; ten case studies discuss the reasons for using GIS as well as the methods. So buy this book and discover what GIS can do to make you and your business more productive, competitive, and profitable. Bonus CD - Test drive ArcView GIS, the easy-to-use software for viewing and analyzing geographic information. Learn what GIS is and how it works in six multimedia presentations. See and hear how ArcView GIS software performs basic GIS tasks. Use a trial copy of ArcView GIS software to work through a tutorial using a variety of data.

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