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House Industries

Rok: 2003
ISBN: 9783931126209
OKCZID: 110231690



House Industries is famous for their impeccable tongue-in-cheek takes on American popular culture, on comic influences such as Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and on modern design classics from Neutra to Charles Eames. Based in Delaware, its members have been producing premier league typefaces and designs for a huge and devoted fan base since 1993. Because their font and design work deftly meld cultural, musical and graphical elements, one becomes part of a concept and a way of life by buying a House product. Their prize-winning font families, for example, are lovingly packaged to match the overall font theme in wallets, bowling bags, UFOs, etc. Their unique type products can be seen internationally on anything from your favourite brand of cereal to highly circulated magazines and television shows. The stylish House catalogue, which is published three to four times a year, now reaches an audience of over 80,000. This spot-varnished, linen-bound hardcover volume features 240 pages of highlights from House Industries' current work, including a distilled collection of photographs, sketches, original illustrations and personal anecdotes. Employing 6-colour-printing on a variety of paper types, this publication also includes five original fonts created exclusively for the book that will not be available anywhere else. The font CD also contains bonus audio tracks of stupid phone messages, appreciations and various other House hijinks, which may have occurred over the past few years. Because each House font is normally priced between $100 and $250, their inclusion is an added delight and makes the book an irresistible bargain for all aficionados.

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