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Ways of training : recipes for teacher training

Autor: Woodward, Tessa
Rok: 1992
ISBN: 9780582064935
OKCZID: 110316345
Vydání: 1st ed.



The "Pilgrim Longman Resource Books" series provide a range of practical lessons in recipe format. They are written by experienced English language teachers. The activities can be used as the basis for lessons, as a departure point for classroom development and creativity, or as last minute time fillers. This book is for anyone interested in teacher training, whether trainer, trainee, organizer or administrator. It is for teachers who help each other in staffrooms, who sit in on each other's classes, or who want to share ideas with others. It is mostly concerned with modern language teacher training, but contains much of interest for people involved in other kinds of training too. The book does not deal with the content of teacher training courses directly. It focuses rather on ways of sharing information, ideas, opinions and awareness in teacher training. There is also a chapter on analyzing the ideas in the book so that they can be adapted to suit individual training / learning styles and situations. The book deals with the following core areas of training: trainer, group and experiential input; interacting with training materials; consolidating input and experience and transforming these into productivity and creativity; planning, observing and discussing teaching; finding out about yourself and others, and the job of language teaching; ways of reducing stress on training courses.

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